Plumbing isn’t always on top of our list when we think of maintaining our home, until something happens like a water leak or blocked drain.  

According to the Queensland Department of Environment, Land and Water, leaking pipes and dripping taps are responsible for the wastage of around 9,000 litres of water a year, while a leaking toilet can waste more than 60,000 litres.  Reflecting on what that could look like on your water bill, you could save thousands of dollars just by having them fixed.

Water leaks can cause dangerous mould and mildew problems impacting occupants’ health.  Severe leaks can affect the structural integrity of your home and even damage the foundations, requiring hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair.

As a landowner, it is your responsibility to install and maintain any plumbing, and then identify and fix any leaks on your property.  

To avoid an unwanted costly mess, we’ve put together our top five benefits to you if you were to engage a qualified plumber to perform regular maintenance on your home.

#1  Drastic reduction in water bills

This is obvious.  If a leak has appeared anywhere in or around your home, your water bills will reflect that.  Routine maintenance by a qualified plumber is extremely valuable as it ensures your water bills are kept as low as possible, saving you thousands of dollars in the long-term.  It can also help to prevent the risk of a major fault in your plumbing system causing an emergency.

#2  Prolong the life of your pipes

Strong chemicals and caustic drain cleaners regularly poured down drains and pipes to remove blockages can corrode pipes, shortening their lifespan.  Regular plumbing maintenance can prevent small problems becoming larger just by a plumber checking your pipes for any damage, and clearing them of any goop build-up using safe and effective methods.

#3  Experience better water pressure

It can be very frustrating when you take a shower under low water pressure.  Water leaks in other taps around the house or lime build-up in the shower attachments can result in reduced water pressure.  A plumber contracted to perform regular maintenance will test your water pressure, and search for and rectify any issues.

#4  Better health for you and your family

Ruptured and/or leaking water pipes, taps, roofs, hot water systems, ground water damage and even sewer backup are the main causes of mould growth in the home.  Mould can lead to a number of health issues including allergies, asthma and a compromised immune system.   Regular inspections by a qualified plumber can identify where mould is coming from, and take actionable steps to solve it and prevent it from happening again.

#5  Boost your home’s value

Plumbing systems account for around 10% of the total value of your house.  Lower water bills, a reduction in the risk of burst pipes causing severe damage, a mould and mildew-free house, good water pressure and the fact that you engage a plumber to conduct regular maintenance, will go a long way in improving the value of your home and attracting a favourable offer if you decide to sell.

Regular plumbing maintenance results in ensuring that your plumbing systems remain functional throughout the whole year.  This is the perfect time of the year to call Plumbaround about a regular maintenance program for your home so that you don’t have to encounter plumbing issues like a blocked drain (or worse) in the long run.

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