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Drain Camera & Locations

We offer a full service in regards to drain clearance. When a drain or pipe is continually blocking, it often means there is a reason for it. Problem solving is what we do. In order to assess damage and problem solve the cause, we use a drain camera.

A drain camera allows us to make informed assessments relatively quickly. We share the video footage with you, the client.

A camera allows us to 1. Find the source of the blockage. 2. Decide on a permanent solution to fix the issue. 3. Find the correct depth of the problem.

Our service men will offer this service with the clearance of a blocked drain, as we know how important a camera location can be in preventing further issues and/or blockages.

Hot Water Units

No Hot Water! We are happy to talk you through a few common issues that can happen with hot water units that you may be able to fix yourself. Small things such as checking your pilot on your hot water system.

Otherwise our plumbers are well experienced in dealing with hot water units and will aim to deliver hot water back to your property as soon as possible. We can service both gas and electric hot water systems. Our service and repairs cover all brands of hot water systems, including the following but not limited to: Aquamax; Bosch; Dux; Everhot; Rheem; Rinnai; Saxon; Thermann; and Vulcan.

If need be, we will organise and replace your hot water service with a new unit and restore hot water to your property.

Sometimes you may find that your hot water just isn’t hot enough! Again our experienced plumbers can help you to problem solve the issue and get things resolved before you know it! Call us today on 0410 371 220.


We are licensed and can test, install and certify your Backflow Prevention devices. Backflow devices are required to be tested annually by law. Let the Plumbaround team take care of testing, certifying and lodging the required council forms for you.


We are available 24/7 to unblock your drains day or night.  We know how inconvenient a blocked drain can be. Our plumbers are well qualified to deal with all sorts of blocked drains, from blocked sink pipes & blocked toilets to sewer & storm water external drains as well. We are well equipped to unblock even the toughest drain.

Signs of a blocked drain:

  • Pooling of water outside the house in dry weather
  • Toilets that don’t fill quickly or drain slowly
  • Various drains on the property that may be backing up
  • Terrible smell from drains on the property
  • A gurgling sound coming from pipes
  • Overflowing down pipes

Causes of a blocked drain:

  • Foreign objects – Including but not limited to the following small toys; large clumps of toilet paper; wet wipes; ladies meds; fat and food build up; hair; and tree roots.
  • Broken pipes – This may occur from ground movement, improper installation; and deterioration of old pipework.
  • A collapse or obstruction can cause solids to build up and cause a blockage. Tree roots are also able to easily penetrate a broken pipe and are one of the major causes of a blocked pipe.

We can attend site, CLEAR the blockage, DIAGNOSE the issue, INFORM you of your choices and ENSURE things are taken care of.  We will work with you to find a solution that suits your home and budget.


We have a Qualified gas fitter on hand ready to help.

  • We install new gas appliances – think water heaters or stoves.
  • Test and commission.
  • Search for gas leaks – we conduct thorough tests, pinpointing and resolving gas leaks effectively.
  • Provide gas certificates.
  • Make safes.


 The trick is to maintain your assets.  Our team can perform routine inspections, works and reporting.  This gives you a real overview of the needs of your facilities.  We have been providing our clients with this service with great success.


 As an investor you should inspect your soon to be assets before purchase.  We can provide an overview of your properties plumbing health.  Don’t get caught out with an expense that you didn’t know could be there.  We provide reporting on your asset that can save you money or even save you pain….. Buyer Beware!!


Emergencies can happen day and night.  We are skilled in identifying emergencies by troubleshooting before attending.  Rest assure, our team delivers an on call plumbing and gas fitting services around the clock.

Burst water pipes, sewer blockages & Make Safe situations are HIGH priorities and our team can deliver the service you need. Call 3038-1038 to be in direct contact with emergency plumber after hours.

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