About Plumbaround

We are a locally owned & operated plumbing company based on the Northside Brisbane.  With over 15 years experience in the industry, we offer a broad range of services to residential & light commercial clients.  We are the plumbers you can rely on.

We strive to create a complete plumbing service.  With approachable office staff and reliable service men, we are confident your plumbing problems can be resolved efficiently.  We service Brisbane and all surrounding suburbs.

Emergencies can happen day and night.  We are skilled in identifying emergencies by troubleshooting before attending.  Rest assure, our team delivers an on call plumbing and gas fitting services around the clock.

Burst water pipes, sewer blockages & Make Safe situations are HIGH priorities and our team can deliver the service you need. Call 3038-1038 to be in direct contact with emergency plumber after hours.

Let us take the stress out of any plumbing, drainage or gas fitting job you require.  Our expert plumbers can assist you with jobs to be completed, quoting and advice.

Being a proud member of the Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland, our team can be found online as Master Plumbers.  Always be sure your plumber is Qualified to carry out works on your property.

Meet the team

Warwick Royal

CEO & Director

I have been in the Plumbing industry since 2004 and am a Qualified Plumber & Gas fitter in the commercial and residential sectors. I am also qualified in Backflow Prevention. I have a passion to help people live well and keep healthy.  I love problem solving, the socialisation and the freedom of being a Tradesman and a Director.  



I have been Plumbaround’s CFO & COO since 2015.  Prior to this, I was given many opportunities throughout ALH, retail division from managing departments to rolling out updated systems.  These roles were predominately customer focused and expanded over a 20 year period.  Using my past management skills, I have been able to navigate small business from customer service to more in depth business dealings.  I enjoy my role and building a reputable brand that is known to the greater community.

Matt Boyd

Qualified PlumbeR & GAS FITTER

I started a plumbing apprenticeship whilst still at Padua College and have now been in the plumbing industry since 2015. I became a plumber because of the future it would provide me.  I enjoy being part of the Plumbaround team and enjoy problem solving.  It’s great to be able to help people.


Qualified PlumbeR & GAS FITTER

I have been a Qualified Plumber since 2003 and love that each day presents a new and different challenge. My skill set is working in the commerical sector in commerical kitchens, dental surgeries, unit block works and high rise maintenance. I have significant knowledge of intricant works and enjoy problem solving.

Sam Dwyer

Qualified Plumber

I have been in the plumbing industry since 2007 once I completed my schooling at Padua College.  Not only is my father a plumber but 3 of my uncles as well.  Plumbing has been part of my upbringing and is ‘in my blood’.  I enjoy being part of a strong team with Plumbaround and enjoy contributing skills to resolve issues for customers when they are in need.


Qualified Plumber

I am a Qualified Plumber and have been in the plumbing industry since 2004. My background is in Civil industry and Drainage works. I enjoy working outdoors and being outside of a workshop. The best thing about plumbing is the people I get to meet everyday.

Justin Desfontaines

Qualified Plumber & gas fitter

I have been plumbing since 2014 and have previously been an IT Professional.  Growing up I have always been interested in mechanics and working with my hands.  After a strong career in the corporate world, I decided to change my direction to a hands on job and became a plumber.  I enjoy using my hands to put together the pieces required to resolve our clients issues.

Nathan Edwards

Mature Age Apprentice

I am a Qualified Boiler Maker with 12 years experience in this Trade.  I own a local café and I am taking the opportunity to do what I’ve always wanted to do, be a plumber.  I enjoy the freedom of being on the road and outside of a workshop.  I enjoy meeting people and solving problems. 

Cameron Lewis

Full Time Apprentice

I am a full-time Apprentice with Plumbaround and originally started as a School-based Apprentice. I chose plumbing because I enjoy working outdoors. I love that everyday and every job is different.


Full Time Apprentice

I started with Plumbaround as a School Based Apprentice. I love working at Plumbaround because everyone here is so hardworking and cooperative. The reason I chose plumbing is because everyday is different, no two days are ever the same.

samantha hudson


I joined Plumbaround and the plumbing world in June 2020, coming from a background in Aged Care coordination, team management and retail. I have a passion for helping others and finding solutions to suit everyone’s needs. I bring a wealth of knowledge and a flare of fun into the office. We enjoy working together and have such a great team. 



I joined the Plumbaround admin team in October of 2021. Coming from fast food management, I understand the ins and outs of customer service and am passionate about always delivering the best I can. Although I’m still new, I can see how passionate everybody that works here is and I’m excited to continue to grow and learn with the Plumbaround team. 

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We love to engage with the community and not just for their plumbing needs. We are actively involved with business groups in and around Brisbane's North, supporting each other while having fun at the same time.