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Burst water lines, damaged water pipes, and sewage problems have been increasing over the last few years with bad maintenance and hot weather conditions experienced in Australia. Hot weather conditions can weaken pipes over time and make them deterioarate. When pipes weaken they can crack at first causing leaks which then can make the water pipes burst.

Don’t Let This Happen To You

These issues can lead to shut-offs from water service providers, which often have a negative effect on a person’s finances . Businesses may have to close with no supply of water while the lines are being fixed. In some cases these problems can also lead to a decrease in property values for homes and businesses if the interior of the premises are water damaged.

To avoid some of these risks, it is recommended that you call a plumbing tradie immediately if you suspect that your pipe periodically or when you suspect there is a leak or burst. If you take quick timely action by calling a plumber immediately you can avoid further damage and an expensive repair bill.

Regular Maintenance

Pipes in the home are often found in kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. They are treated with chemicals that prevent corrosion and deterioration. These chemicals can leave an unwanted mess when they start leaking or if the pipes burst. Water leaks can lead to water damage within the home. It is important to maintain water pipes by periodically checking for potential leaks and replacing any worn out pipes before leaks occur.

No hot water in Albany Creek

A slightly different hot water system sitting half in the wall

A slightly different looking hot water system sitting half in the wall!

No hot water!  There is nothing worse than having your hot water system burst and leak everywhere.  And also not having any hot water because of it!

Check out this existing hot water system replacement we have just attended too!  The previous hot water system was sitting half in the wall, not really something you see too often and not something that is up to the Australian Standards in Plumbing and Drainage these days!!

The tenant was lucky to notice the leaking water from the hot water system so quickly as to avoid damage to the property, especially in behind the walls.

Of course when we supplied and installed a new hot water system to the property, we upgraded it to comply with the Australian Plumbing and Drainage Standards.  It’s a shame we didn’t have any spare brick work on hand to patch up the hole in the wall.  Might be a little job down the track for the handyman.

The hot water system now complying with the Australian Plumbing Standards.

The new hot water system now complying with the Australian Plumbing Standards.

Help is only a phone call away when you are in need of hot water today.  Day or night, we are happy to answer your calls and attend to any situation.

We also enjoy coming across plumbing that is a little different, just like the above hot water system.  If you have seen something a little quirky please let us know about it or send us a pic!




Flooded House Brighton

These pictures were taken from a job at Brighton. The water main burst and flooded the under house. The electricity was damaged and all because of some dodgy pipe work.!!!!! It will cost thousands to rectify.

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