A HWS or hot water system is a boiler that heats water up. It is typically a boiler in which water is stored and heated for washing and bathing. The temperature is heated to around 60 to 83 degree Celsius and then

Types of HWS

There are two main types of HWS. These are:

  • Storage systems – water is stored in a large tank until needed
  • Continuoud flow system – known as instantaneous systems. Produces hot water when its needed.

These are broken down into 4 hot water systems:

  1. Electric Hot water Systems
  2. Solar HWS
  3. Gas HWS
  4. Heat Pump Water Heater

What is the most efficient way to heat house water

The electric heat water system is the most efficient way to heat water and is very cost effective. Save money.

How many years will a HWS last

The HWS usually last for many years. A continuous flow gas powered system can last 15 to 20 years with proper maintenance. Electric systems usually last 8 to 10 years and this will depend if its a tank system or tankless. The hot water system warranty is a good gauge of how long the system is made to last.

PS: a tankless hot water system is gas fueled HWS. When you open the hot water tap a sensor picks up that you need hot water and then the gas starts burning to heat water instantaneously, warming the water for immediate use.

Do HWS use a lot of electricity

Hot water systems usually take up 30% of the electricity bill for a home. The reason being the system is run 24/7. The interesting thing is people only use the showers early morning and in the evening, yet the system is run 24 hours a day wasting electricity.

Are there any disadvantages of hot water system

The main disadvantage is the cost of installing the system. It is a big investment and needs a licensed plumber to install. Running the system daily is expensive as well. Water heating is approximately 21 to 25% of the energy used in a home.

How to choose a hot water system

Here are 4 tips to keep in mind when buying a HWS:

  • Fuel type, availability and cost. The type of fuel you will use will not only affect the annual cost to run, but also its size and energy efficiency
  • Size – large enough to provide the entire house hold with ample hot water for showers
  • Energy efficiency – To maxi mise energy and cost savings
  • Costs – Before purchasing a HWS make sure you calculate how much it costs to run annually and compare the costs with other less or more energy efficient systems on the market.

Is hot water cheaper from gas or electricity

Gas heaters cost approximately the same as electric HWS. However the cost of gas is far cheaper than electricity. This will give you better savings if you go for a gas hot water system.

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