Call Out Fee For Plumbing Technician

Yes there is a call out fee for one of the tradespeople to come to your property to do a service.

Currently this is $60 for a call out.

PS: The call out fee may change from the time of this post.

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Why Do Plumbers Charge A Callout Fee?

A plumber generally charges a fee for each new maintenance job that he attends on your property and put simply, it’s necessary to keep him in business.Let me explain.

Call out fees generally start around $85 and at weekends you can expect to pay more to cover the cost of getting a tradie to come to do maintenance on your home or business property. This doesnt include cost of materials of labour.

What Does The Call Out Fee Cover?
  1. The time it takes to get a plumber to your home
  2. The fuel cost that the vehicle will consume
  3. Vehicle upkeep cost
  4. Relevant insurance to cover the tradie and client
  5. Cover cost of time it takes to place all the relevant equipment into a truck to come to your property

PS: The plumber doesnt live off the call out fee but rather the hourly rate he charges for his work.

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