Wet spots on the lawn can be caused by a number of factors. If there is too much water in the soil, the water will come up to the surface and form puddles or wet spots on the grass.

Wet spots may also be caused by sprinklers that are left on when they should not be. However, Sometimes the lawn may be covered in wet spots. It could be because water seeps through the ground and pools on the surface, or because of an underground leak.

So if you have a wet spot or spots appearing on your lawn and you are concerned that it may be a burst main underground please call a licensed plumber near you to come over and do an inspection immediately.

The mains may be old and rusted and cracked leaking water into the ground that has seeped to the surface causing the wet spots to appear. Other causes maybe:

  • earth movement, causing the poly pipe to split or
  • tree roots enter the the pipe through a join or cracking the pipe with roots growing under or above the pipes.

Adverse Effects Of A Water Leak

This will cause your yard to get muddy and make a mess every time you, the kids or the dog go into the yard and come back into the house.

More importantly the leaking water will cause your water bill in your next rates notice to rise dramatically.

How To Know When A Leak Happens!

One of the first signs of a water leak is when you notice that your water bill has increased. If there is a high water bill it generally is from leaking water, most probably below surface water. most often the source of the leak is concealed and the tell tale signs are leaking water to the ground surface or in other words “wet spots on the lawn”.

How To Know Who Is Responsible To Fix The Leak!

If you notice the leak is outside your property and under the footpath towards the road it belongs to the water authority of your area to be notified to come over and fix the leak.

Now if the leak is any where between your water meter and your house please make an emergency call to your local plumber to come over to fix the leak immediately. To save time and money you may dig the ground around the leak so when the plumber arrives he can start his work quickly and this may save you some money in labor.

Why Do You Need To Call A Licensed Plumber?

Its best to call a licensed plumber to do the work because he will know exactly what to do to stop the leakage. If the water leak is big it may impact on neighboring properties and cause damage not only to your property but to the others around yours. Work done by a licensed plumber is cover by your insurance. So never try to do it yourself as insurance companies will never cover the cost of the water damage to property unless its done by a licensed plumber who is fully insured.

What To Do When A Water Leak Is Noticed?

As soon as you notice a leak in your yard please turn off the water main at the meter. Then call the plumber. This will help reduce further water from leaking and causing more water damage.

So next time you do see a damp or soggy patch on your lawn inspect it first, possibly dig the ground up carefully to see where the water is coming from. Then once you have located the leak turn the water off and call a local licensed professional plumber near you to come over immediately to fix the water leak in your yard.

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