When To Call A Plumber

Just like anything these days plumbing too gets tired with use and decay. Knowing when to call a plumber in time to fix your plumbing is crucial if you want to save in expensive repair bills.

It is advisable not to try doing a repair job yourself unless you are a licensed and insured plumber. Any damage to the property may not be covered by insurance. So its best to call a licensed plumber to check the cause of the problem and fix it immediately.

Here is a list of tell tale signs that the plumbing in your home, office or commercial premises may need a good look over by an experienced plumber.

  1. BACK UP IN PIPE WORK: Backup in the pipe and drainage systems on your property. If you are experiencing back-up in your drains or sewage systems regularly then it may be advisable to get a plumber around with his camera to take a look at what is happening inside those pipes. Possibly the pipework may be clogged with debris or tree roots.
  2. POOR WATER QUALITY: This normally comes when pipework is old and rusty. This maybe from old pipes on the property or old and rusting hot water system. Calling a plumber is the best advise we can give you as he will give you a full report of what is happening with the plumbing and a quotation to repair old pipework.
  3. NOISY PIPEWORK: Noisy pipes indicate that the pipework is getting weak and may need to be replaced. Best to call a plumbing contractor in the neighborhood to do a routine check.
  4. BLOCKAGE OR CLOGGING: Your toilet, bathroom basin, tub or kitchen sink may time to time get blocked. It may be simple to use a plunger to get right of the problem and flush everything down the drain. However, if the problem persists please call a plumbing company near you to come over and check the issue with the clogged pipes or basin. Quite often this will help locate the problem sooner and help prevent expensive cleanup bill so repair jobs to carpet, walls due to water overflowing and flooding the home or business.
  5. WATER BUBBLING: Bubbling water sounds after the toilet is flushed normally is a sign that a pipe maybe cracked or faulty. Best to call a plumber to look at this before the damage escalates.
  6. INCREASE IN WATER BILL: This is a clear sign that either the residents of the premises are using too much water or that water maybe leaking from a tap or from a hidden cracked pipe underground. Get a plumber to come in and check this emergency as it will lead to further water bills being too high.
  7. NO OR VERY LOW WATER PRESSURE: When water pressure is almost zero or not present then this may indicate that somewhere in the pipework there is a leaking pipe. Another thing to remember is that if the pressure in the pipework fluctuate daily this too will indicate water pressure is being lost due to a leaking pipe.
  8. WET OR SOGGY LAWN PATCHES: Are you seen your lawn damp and soggy when it hasn’t rained for a while? This may indicate that there is possibly a leaking pipe under the grass and water is leaking out. This will cause your water bill to increase as well as contaminate the water supply entering the home or business pipework systems. Best to call Plumbaround to come by to check what the plumbing problem is. It is important to know that is the water leak in inside your property then its your responsibility. The council will take care of leaks outside your property boundary. You may need to discuss this with your plumber when they come to inspect.
  9. BAD SMELLS: Bad smells coming from drains is a early signal that the sewage system may be clogging up and will need looking at. Call your local licensed plumber with a snake to come and fix this smelly problem.
  10. NO HOT WATER: When the hot water system if not giving you enough hot water supply then its possible you may need the system to be replaced. Get a professional licensed plumber such as Plumbaround to come by and give you a quote to replace the HWS.
  11. DRIPPING TAPS, LEAKING SHOWER HEADS: We all have had leaking taps, dripping shower heads. Most often we ignore this until the water bill arrives and it far exceeds the norm. There are many causes that may lead to the leaks. Some are: poorly installed washer. Damaged or corroded washers, Damaged or loose o-rings, Wear and tear of cartridge, Value seat damage or mineral build-up,Excessive high water pressure, A leaking pipe that has not been diagnosed.
  12. TOILET WON’T STOP RUNNING: This is a silent problem. You probably won’t even hear it. The leaking cistern will cause your water bill to increase each quarter. The issue maybe that the flapper is faulty in the cistern. The flapper is designed to help seal the toilet cistern from the bowl. A faulty or cracked flapper will not seal the cistern, causing water to leak through. Most often this is the water leaking sound you may hear when you pass the toilet each day. You must stop the leak by calling a plumber immediately.
  13. BACKFLOW EMERGENCY: What is a backflow… Backflow is when water backs up in the pipe system and comes back up and overflows into the sink, toilet bowl or bathroom. This potentially can destroy furnishing in kitchen, living spaces, damaging carpet, cupboards, floors and even your furniture. The worse thing is the backflow water brings with it foul smells and germs that can contaminate your drinking water system and be hazardous to your health. This is an emergency that you just need to call your local plumbing contractor called Plumbaround.
  14. WATER ACCUMULATING NEAR BASE OF DISHWASHER OR WASHING MACHINE: Call a plumber to come and check the intake and outtake lines to the equipment.
  15. WATER STAINS UNDER KITCHEN OR BATHROOM CABINETS: This indicates that possible water leaks are happening.
  16. SLOW DRAINING SINKS EVEN AFTER PLUNGING: This normally indicates that there is grim from food waste that maybe stuck along the inside lining of the pipes and not allowing water to flow easily. Its best to call a plumber as he will need to locate where this maybe coming from. Sometimes it could be near the sink itself or possibly hidden in the walls or under the house. The plumber will use a camera to locate the problem and then come up with the solution to fix the blocked pipe. Having a regular maintenance of your property done by a plumber each year maybe the best answer.

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