As living costs soar, it’s vital for Australians to find ways to save money. With many resources becoming increasingly expensive, homeowners must seek innovative solutions to reduce consumption and lower bills. In this blog post, we’ll unveil the top 5 smart devices to help you save water in your home.

Low-Flow Taps And Showerheads

Upgrade your taps and shower heads to low-flow models and instantly save water and money. These cost-effective fixtures can reduce water usage by 30-50%, saving you $50-90 per water bill. Smart-enabled low-flow taps use sensors and touch-sensitive flow control to minimise water waste during cleaning or drinking activities.

Leak Detectors

Smart leak detectors simplify leak prevention even if you’re not a plumbing expert. These devices monitor moisture around pipes and fittings, sending notifications to your smart phone at the first sign of condensation, drips, leaks, or flooding. Perfect for rooms like basements or attics that are rarely used.

Smart Water Heater Controller

Optimise energy and water usage by remotely monitoring and controlling your water heater with a smart controller. Adjust temperature, create schedules, and activate vacation mode to minimise wastage and reduce the time it takes for hot water to reach your taps and showers, saving both water and energy.

Water Purifier

Ensure access to clean drinking water while reducing bottled water consumption with a smart water purifier. Advanced filtration technologies and connectivity features monitor water quality and filter life. Real-time data on water usage and filter status via smart phone apps allow for efficient tracking and optimisation of the purification process.

Smart Irrigation Valve

Efficiently water your garden with a smart irrigation valve that enables remote control and scheduling for specific zones. Program optimal watering times and durations to minimise water waste. Some valves even integrate with weather data, adjusting schedules based on rainfall and temperature conditions to ensure effective water usage and conservation.

By utilising these 5 smart devices, you can lower water bills and promote sustainability. These choices not only save you money but also contribute to water conservation. Make your home more environmentally conscious and enjoy the financial benefits of reduced water bills. Start saving water and money today with these smart devices!

Installing these devices at home by yourself might be a tedious job, reach out to us 07 3038 1038 for smooth installation of these smart home devices.