1. Drain Blockages:

Drains often gets clogged by tenants pouring grease, or flushing things like wipes or sanitary napkins down the toilet. Other causes are from food waste which blocks sinks. This places an importance on Landlords to educate tenants about proper disposable practices to prevent future blockages.

Key Solutions

  1. A plunger on hand to help clear food particles.
  2. Salt and hot water helps melt the grease or soap clogging your sinks or showers.
  3. Baking soda and vinegar can break down mineral deposits that build up in sink drains.

If the blockage remains, our team at Plumbaround have the right experience and equipment to fix these issues, no matter how big or small.

2. Leaking Taps

A leaking or dripping tap may not appear to be a major concern, however it can waste a lot of water and raise a businesses’ water bill immensely and can annoy your tenants with the constant dripping sound. Even a minor leak can evolve into a major problem very quickly if left unattended.


In most cases, you must turn off the water valve, remove the handle, find the cause, replace the part, clean the valves, and reassemble the tap. It is most common that people replace the little washer found on the tap handle.

However, things to check are:

  1. Tighten the screws on the tap and check the 0 rings
  2. Make sure the tap Is aligned correctly
  3. Check for cracks in the tap
  4. Ensure the water pressure is not too high or too low
  5. Ensure the shut-off valve is working properly

Two of the biggest causes of leaking taps is poor plumbing installation and dodgy DIY jobs. This can be all be avoided by calling an expert.

3. Running Toilets:

A running toilet can also waste a lot of water and run up the water bill. It’s also one of the most common complaints from tenants.


To resolve this issue, you need to buy a new flapper. The flapper will usually come with instructions on how to replace it. But it is always better to call a reputable plumber for this one.

4. Leaking Pipes:

Leaking pipes can cause all sorts of problems, from water damage to mould. Common causes of leaky pipes include a broken seal, clogged lines, corrosion, damaged pipe joints and high-water pressure.


Depending on the severity rubber or silicone tape may work in the short-term, however it is always best in these situations to call a plumbing expert for assistance.

5.  Water Pressure Issues:

Tenants may experience significant annoyance if the water pressure is too high or too low.


  1. Inspect the property for blocked drains or taps. If that isn’t the case, you should investigate further with a water pressure gauge.
  2. Once identified and depending on the scale of the problem, get the replacement parts, the right machine, or experts, to help fix the issue.

For all your commercial plumbing requirements, reach out to our team at Plumbaround.