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Type Of Work Carried Out In West End!
Commercial Kitchen Fitouts, Grease Traps, Dynamic Maintenance, HWS

Our Clients Are!
Body Corporate Managers, Building Managers, Business Owners (cafes, restaurants), Corporations

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Areas Serviced Are:
West End, South Brisbane, Woolloongabba, Kanagaroo Point, Brisbane CBD

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Why Is It Important To Hire A Licensed Plumber from Plumbaround?

The main reason why you should consider to hire one of Plumbaround’s skilled licensed plumbers is the fact they are fully trained and insured. This give you the peace of mind that if anything should go wrong these professional plumbing contractors will get the job done in the least amount of time save you money and damage to your property.

The plumbers are skilled in find plumbing issues such as drain backups, failing values, etc and can provide safe solutions that prevent future catastrophes. Learn more by reading this article here.

What Questions Should You Ask Your Plumber Before Hiring Him!

“Fully qualified plumbers must abide by Australian Standards as well as any additional rules imposed by local councils to ensure sufficient public health standards are met. By registering with the Plumbing and Drainers Licensing Board of Queensland plumbers can receive support from advisory experts who will guide them through necessary steps to comply with applicable laws” ~ Click Here!

What Are The Most Frequently Calls We Get:
Black storm water, black drains, bad smell, sewage, gas leak detection, general plumbing (leaking toilet & cisterns, leaking tap, blocked drain, clogged downpipes, hot water system not giving hot water).

In case you have a plumbing service issue that is not listed above do call us on 07-30381038 and we will help you immediate with your plumbing needs.

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Why Choose Plumbaround Pty Ltd!

Have you plumbing problems right now in West End, Brisbane QLD. We are here to help you get your plumbing services back on immediately.

Plumbaround Pty Ltd can do small plumbing jobs such as replacing a washer in a tap that has been leaking to large residential or commercial buildings in West End and Hill End of Brisbane. These maybe large high rise buildings with many apartments run by a building manager or body corporate.

Plumbaround is a reliable company servicing West End where you are getting over 150 years of combined experience from the tradesmen and women who work in this company.

The company operates 24/7 and caters for weekend and public holiday emergency call outs to local businesses, restaurants and housing units in the West End area.

The company has its own drain camera to locate any drainage problems that a West End building resident may have on their properties in West End. The company also has jetroder equipment to flush out clogged and blocked drains and sewage systems.
We provide an upfront pricing and labor warranty.

What Plumbing Issues Can We Solve For A West End Building Manager!

Our plumbing services for West End helps resolves various building plumbing problems that a building manager may face on a day to day basis while run the operations of the building. Some of the issues we solve are:

  • Slow hot water to the apartments,
  • low water pressure to each unit in the building,
  • Burst water pipes within the apartment complexes as well as in the basement of the building,
  • Back flow prevention, Gas leaks in the building,
  • Leaking toilets,
  • water efficiency certificates,
  • fixing your running toilets,
  • fixing blocked toilets and getting
  • broken toilets repaired,
  • doing plumbing inspections for building.
  • Help in regular pool plumbing,
  • locating and repairing leaking taps,
  • replacing flexi hose on appliances,
  • Backflow testing and prevention,
  • installing or replacing fridge plumbing in businesses and apartments in West End,
  • Installing garbage disposal units in kitchens (insinkerators),
  • Locating water hammer issues and repairs to noisy pipes,
  • cleaning drains and sewage systems,

What Reporting Procedure Does Plumbaround Do When Inspecting Plumbing For a Commercial/ Residential high rise Building In West End?

Report writing to the manager of the building to be given to the building body corporate committee and insurance companies. A full and complete inspection report of the damage and what needs to be done to restore water and gas to the building. The report will detail plumbing materials to be used, labor costs and time it will take to do the job. A full insurance quote will be given to the building manager.

Reliable West End Emergency Plumbers!

Having an emergency with plumbing in West End and you need a plumber to call around to your commercial kitchen, building or apartment immediately in West End?

Plumbaround runs a 24 hour 7 day plumbing business and we will attend to your urgent call immediately. No plumbing problems are too small or too big for our plumbers in West End to look at.

At Plumbaround, Warrick understands that plumbing emergencies can happen at any time whether its day or night, week day or at weekends.

So in case you are facing with a bathroom tap burst and needs a new tap installed immediate or a toilet that is

Emergency Plumber Near You

blocked and needs a plumber to come around and help to clear it out please call us on 07-30381038 ASAP.

Best Commercial Plumbers Westend!

At Plumbaround we have a team of commercial plumbers contractors that cater to helping the commercial buildings plumbing requirements in West End.

We offer plumbing to new commercial projects as well as general plumbing maintenance and repairs to the high rise building complexes.

So if you are a resident or a building manager looking for a licensed commercial plumber to take care of plumbing services in West End call us

West End Commercial Plumber

Apartments Serviced!

Breeze Apartments, Regatta Apartments West End, The Bailey Apartments, Flow Apartments, Garden Riverside West End, West End Central Apartments, Encore West End, Riverpoint Apartments, Muse West End, Light and Co Apartments West End, TreeHouse Apartments & West Quarter in West End) in West End 4101.

Dishwashing Plumbing & Installation For West End!

Do you need a dishwasher installed in your kitchen. With new installations we will check to see if you have the required water supply and drainage systems in place.

In case these are not installed we will get the drainage in before we install a new dishwasher for you.

The machine will be installed as per manufacturer’s instructions to insure you are protected with manufacturer’s warranty.

Plumber To Install New Diswasher

Kitchen & Bathroom Plumbing Services!

Planning to renovate your kitchen or just need a new washer on a kitchen tap, a new mixer installed for the vanity we can assist you.

We cover all plumbing requirements for bathroom and kitchen plumbing.

Here is a list of things we can do: installation of new shower heads, repair toilets, leaking taps fixed, etc.

Install new commercial sinks & vanity basins

Reliable Plumbing Maintenance Services West End!

Repairs can be costly when maintenance is not done in time and regularly. Plumbing maintenance is just the same. It is important to stay on top of your plumbing maintenance. Plumbaround plumbers offer West End building owners and managers a full complete plumbing range of services to cover all maintenance needs for buildings and homes.

We take care of everything from general plumbing to drain cleaning to HWS, checking backflow issues. Our maintenance packages offers annual plumbing service check-in calls to help you keep your houses and apartment blocks in top mint condition.

West End Plumbing Services. Complete Plumbing Service.

Leak Detection Services West End!

Quite often its difficult for property owners to detect a water leak in a pipe or sewage line or storm water drain. Our licensed plumbers can locate the leak and repair the damage before it gets out of hand and leads to a huge cleanup bill.

We have the right leak detection technology and the equipment to locate even the smallest leaks on your property quickly.

All leaks will be repaired with the highest quality plumbing materials and products to ensure this does not happen to you again in the future.

Call a licensed plumber to detect water and gas leaks in your West End Building

Benefits Of Using Plumaround Plumbers!

There are many benefits when you employ Plumbaround Pty Ltd to work for you.
Here are a the top 3 benefits:

Guaranteed workmanship – we guarantee our workmanship 100% in writing, giving you the peace of mind that if anything goes wrong we will re-do the repairs at no extra cost.

Unfront Pricing – At Plumbaround we will give you an upfront price for the job. This will ensure you don’t get any surprises or hidden cost.

In case we do run into any unseen issues in doing the job we will inform you and get your advice as to how you want the job to proceed and we will give you costs for these to move forward.

Guaranteed on time – We know that time is valuable and we will be at your property on time.

Areas Plumbing Services have Been Completed in:

  • West Village Boundary Street West End, gas leak detection.
  • The Common West Village Boundry Street West End, Install backflow value.
  • The Village Mollison Street West End, install new commercial kitchen for restaurant.
  • Bobbie Charlie West Village Mollison Street West End, Replaced grease trap.
  • C Property Bank Street, Replaced hot water system.
  • The Precinct Browning Street Brisbane City – check leak in kitchen for gas
  • Barroso Building Boundary Street West End, replaced taps in bathroom.
  • Stockwell Montague Road West End, quote for new bathroom.
  • Anthony Street West End, insurance job on kitchen install.
  • Montague Markets, Montague Road West End 4101, vanity basin replaced.
  • Prime Coat Qld Durry Street West End, water pressure tested for building
  • Sorrento Apartments Duncan Street West End – maintenance for plumbing

FAQS For Plumbing Services West End!

Click Here for FAQS on our extended West End plumbing & gas services