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Where to locate the shut off value For A Property

The shut off valve for the water from the main supply from City Council for a property will be found in one of two places. In cold countries or in case of Australia in colder regions its found inside the house to prevent freezing. However in Brisbane the valve is...

What Is A Tankless Water Heater

A tankless HWS runs on gas or electricity. A sensor within the system will pick up when a hot water tap is turned on and release gas to ignite and heat the water for consumption. Which is better - Hot water heater or tankless? In general a tankless system is more...

Three Types of Hot Water Systems

Three Types of Hot Water Systems

A HWS or hot water system is a boiler that heats water up. It is typically a boiler in which water is stored and heated for washing and bathing. The temperature is heated to around 60 to 83 degree Celsius and then Types of HWS There are two main types of HWS. These...

What is a sewage drain Pipe

What is a sewage drain Pipe

Sewage drains is a network of pipes that are underground that takes away the human waste, waste waste, excrement, waste water and surface water run-off, from drains to water treatment facilities or disposal units ruin by the council. 3 things You Should Know About...

Three Types of Hot Water Systems

What Causes A Blocked Storm Water Drain

Storm water is water that happens when a storm occurs. This is the surface water that happens in a downpour. This can be a major problem when a large body of water has to be gotten rid off. Storm water can accumulate in yards and make the ground soggy. Its best to get...

What Is Meant By Backflow of Water

What Is Meant By Backflow of Water

How Do You Explain What Backflow Is! In plumbing the term backflow is used when water flow in the reverse direction. This can lead to severe health risk as the backflow water could contaminate drinking water supplies as well as the foul smells can harm the residents...

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