‘Tis the season… to use our plumbing tips and prepare your home or office for the holidays. You’ll thank us later.  

Here are our top 5 tips to avoid plumbing panic during the holidays: 

Plumbing Tip #1

Don’t let your leftover food destroy your holiday mood

Remember to save your drains from leftovers and food scraps. Not only does this clog your drains, but it also ruins your holiday. Ask your staff or guests to dispose of leftovers in a bin dedicated for food waste.

Plumbing Tip #2

Oils and grease? No thank you.

Oils and grease from yours or your Chef’s cooking utensils can build-up and harden the pipes, eventually clogging your sink. Save yourself from the stress and remove the oil/grease into a disposable container instead of your sink.  

Plumbing Tip #3

Celebrating Christmas elsewhere?

If you’re not home or in the office around the holidays, don’t forget to turn off your water mains before you leave(if possible). This will prevent your home from flooding and allow you to enjoy your holidays without any stress.  

Plumbing Tip #4

Toilets are not bins!

Trust us, we are plumbers and have seen it all. “Flushable” wipes are not really flushable. Paper towels don’t break down as toiler Facial wipes, feminine hygiene products, cotton balls, are a big NO NOtoo! To prevent your Staff or guests from blocking the toilets during holidays, put a bin (or two) in your bathroom. It’d also be worth putting up a sign in your bathroom that reminds guests to only flush down the toilet paper.  

Plumbing Tip #5

One dish at a time

No matter how many dishes you have, try avoiding using the dishwasher and washing the dishes in the sink simultaneously.    


Now that you are all prepared to keep your home or office safe during Christmas, Plumbaround wishes you and your family a very Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year! 🎄🌟