When discovering what the best hot water system is for your household, many factors need to be considered:

1. How many people will be using the hot water?

This is considering visitors or people living in the household. Generally, the more people in a household, or if one water heater is servicing numerous bathrooms, the larger a hot water system should be. However, if it is only supplying hot water to one bathroom or a small amount of people, a smaller water heater is suitable.

2. The water usage of the household.

For instance, depending on how long or short individuals take showers in the household can determine how much accessible hot water is needed. 

3. Do you use a dishwasher or hot water in the washing machine cycle?

Depending on the use of these appliances, it could increase your hot water consumption.

4. The type of shower head used in the bathroom.

This has a big impact on water consumption, as some shower heads output water at a faster rate.

5. Are gas or electric water heaters being used?

Gas hot water systems can be heated at a faster rate compared to electric ones. This means that electric systems need to have greater reserves, which in turn leads to bigger systems. On the other hand, gas hot water systems can get away with smaller hot water reserves. 

6. What time of day does your household use it?

If hot water is being used at the same time, a larger system is preferable. For instance, if all household members are having showers in the evening and the dishwasher and washing machine are put on around this time, it will run out of hot water faster than when the hot water consumption is spaced out.

If you’re noticing or experiencing a reduction in hot water or intermittent hot water, that a valve at the hot water system is constantly leaking, or if you notice a sudden increase in your energy bills without an explanation, it’s crucial to have your hot water system checked promptly to ensure it’s operating at its best, before any serious issues arise.

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