Is your hot water system giving you trouble. Here are some reasons why people call us when they think their hot water system is not working.

  • The water from the system is not hot enough
  • The hot water runs out and residents are having cold showers
  • Their water bill is too high and they think it may be due to the system
  • The hot water system is leaking
  • They know the system is very old and possibly needs replacing

What a licensed plumber should do before replacing the hot water system

  • Check if the hot water system has been topped up with cold water. This is done by lifting a small valve at the top of the system and allowing cold water to enter the talk. If this the case then there may not be anything wrong with the system other than filling the tank every few months regularly.
  • If the system is not filled regularly then the jacket around the hot water system will not be able to heat cold water effectively. The result is cold showers.
  • Checking for leaks. If there are any leaks located check to see if its a major leak and if it can be fixed easily then the plumber will do it. If its an expensive repair the possibility to replacing the system may be approached.
  • If the system is old then you may have to consider buying a new hot water system and getting it installed immediately. Ask your local plumber near you what are the best hot water systems available. You may choose from gas, electric or solar systems
  • The plumber should install an emergency system in place to help the resident have ample hot water while they source out a new system for the client. At Plumbaround the plumbers at Chermside West keep emergency hot water systems in the office to help their clients out.

Call a local plumber near you by calling 07-3038-1038

Some street where Plumabround has installed new hot water systems in Chermside West recently.

Gresford Street, Chermside West 4032Replaced leaking hot water system by changing inlet cold water pipeAug 2022
Kurago Street, Chermside West 4032Gave client replacing system over weekend and replaced old hot water system with a solar hot water systemAug 2022
Murr Street, Chermside West 4032Changed the cold water inlet pipe from mains to the hot water system as pipe was too old and clogged.July 2022
Packer Street, Chermside West 4032Replaced old system with brand new gas hot water systemjuly 2022
Rossett Street, Chermside West 4032helped fill empty hot water system and showed client how to fix this “not enough hot water” issue next time if this should happenJune 2022
Shelgate Street, Chermside West 4032upgraded old system with new oneApril 2022
Stringybark Street, Chermside West 4032fixed leaking valve in hot water systemFeb 2022
Traves Street, Chermside West 4032replaced old system with a bigger hot water system to cope with large familySept 2022
Safari Street, Chermside West 4032replaced old system with electric hot water systemSept 2022
Mayled Street, Chermside West 4032Install solar hot water heating system for clientMarch 2022
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