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Plumbaround Pty Ltd is your local plumbers in Chermside on Brisbane’s north side.

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Plumbing Services For Chermside!

Pipework & Drainage

  • Broken or burst water pipe lines
  • Pipe Fabrication
  • Pipe lining and coating
  • Pipe repair
  • Drain Clearing
  • Inspect, Repair and install overflow drain
  • Weak water pressure in pipes
  • Camera Location
  • Blocked drains
  • Installation of new drains

Hot Water Systems

  • Electrical Hot Water Systems: Installation, repairs and servicing
  • Solar
  • Hot Water Systems: Installations and Repairs
  • Hot Water Unit Repairs
  • Gas Hot Water Systems: Installs and repairs

Storm Water

  • Storm Water Rectifications
  • Install and repair storm water pits and drains


  • Sewer Rectification: Help with back up of your sewer pipes
  • Flood & Sewage restoration

Toilets. Bathrooms & Kitchens

  • Bathroom and Toilet renovations
  • New builds
  • Updating Tap ware and Toilets
  • Toilet repairs – blocked or new installation of toilets
  • Toilet Installations
  • General Plumbing
  • Plumbing Installations
  • Finding those pesky water leaks
  • Tap Repair and Maintenance
  • Leaking Taps
  • Clogged and clocked sinks
  • Sink Installations
  • Basin resurfacing
  • Bathroom Vanity Installations

Gas Fitting

  • Gas Fitting Fitting Services: Gas leaks on your gas appliances – stoves, hot water system

More Services!

  • Hydro Jet Rodder
  • Drain Cleaner Machine
  • Water Efficiency Inspections
  • Reticulation Systems Installed and Maintained
  • Rain Water Tank Installations
  • Reticulation
  • Pipe Line Equipment
  • Inspection and Installation of Backflow Systems
  • Water Leaks
  • Drain Repairs
  • Residential Maintenance
  • Commercial Maintenance
  • Insurance Works
  • Pre-Purchase Plumbing Inspections
  • Plumbing quotes
  • Water recycling
  • Emergency Plumbing Services

Types Of Plumbing Jobs Done!

  1. General Plumbing Maintenance: This includes fixing leaks, repairing taps and toilets, and maintaining plumbing systems to ensure they function properly.
    • General plumbing and maintenance services, as offered by Plumbaround in Brisbane, encompass a comprehensive range of solutions aimed at ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of plumbing systems in both residential and commercial settings. This core aspect of their business involves the diagnosis, repair, and upkeep of plumbing fixtures and systems to prevent potential issues and to address the everyday wear and tear that can lead to more significant problems if left unattended.
    • Plumbaround’s team of skilled professionals is equipped to handle a variety of tasks, from fixing leaky faucets and running toilets to repairing broken pipes and maintaining water heaters. Their approach combines the use of advanced tools and techniques with a deep understanding of plumbing infrastructure to offer timely and effective service. The goal of general plumbing and maintenance is not only to resolve immediate concerns but also to provide long-term solutions that enhance the functionality and longevity of plumbing systems.
    • By prioritizing customer satisfaction and employing a proactive approach to maintenance, Plumbaround ensures that its clients in Brisbane enjoy a hassle-free and efficient plumbing system. This dedication to excellence and attention to detail is what sets their general plumbing and maintenance services apart, making them a trusted partner for homeowners and businesses alike.
  2. Blocked Drains: Professional plumbers use advanced tools and techniques to clear blocked drains, including CCTV drain inspections to identify the cause of the blockage.
    • Blocked drains are a common issue that can cause significant inconvenience in homes and businesses alike. Drains can become blocked due to a variety of reasons, including the accumulation of hair, grease, food particles, and foreign objects that shouldn’t be flushed down toilets or poured down sinks. Over time, these substances can build up, restricting water flow and eventually leading to complete blockages.
    • To prevent drains from getting blocked, owners and tenants should be mindful of what they dispose of down sinks and toilets. Avoid flushing anything other than toilet paper, and keep food scraps, oils, and fats out of kitchen sinks. Regularly cleaning drain stoppers and using sink strainers can also help catch debris before it enters the plumbing system.
    • Professional plumbers like Plumbaround use specialized equipment to diagnose and resolve blocked drain issues. Tools such as motorized drain snakes, high-pressure water jetters, and CCTV drain cameras allow them to quickly identify the location and nature of the blockage. These tools, combined with their expertise, enable plumbers to efficiently clear blocked drains, restoring proper drainage and preventing potential water damage or sanitation issues.
  3. Hot Water Systems: Installation, repair, and maintenance of gas, electric, and solar hot water systems.
    • Hot water systems are essential for the comfort and convenience of homes and businesses, with electric and gas systems being the most common options. Electric hot water systems are praised for their simplicity and safety. They don’t require a gas connection, making them ideal for locations without gas service. However, they can be more expensive to operate due to the higher cost of electricity compared to gas.
    • Gas hot water systems, on the other hand, are known for their cost-effectiveness and efficiency. They heat water faster than electric systems and are cheaper to run over time, assuming natural gas is readily available. The installation of gas systems can be more complex and expensive due to the need for gas lines and venting for combustion gases.
    • Both systems require professional installation to ensure they are fitted correctly and comply with local building codes and standards. Regular maintenance and timely repairs are crucial to extend their lifespan and prevent issues such as leaks or inefficient heating.
    • Solar hot water systems present an eco-friendly alternative, offering significant savings on energy bills and reducing environmental impact. Although the initial installation cost can be high, government rebates and incentives can help offset these expenses. Solar systems harness the power of the sun to heat water, which is stored in an insulated tank for use as needed, making them an excellent option for areas with ample sunlight.
  4. Gas Fitting: Services can include installation, repair, and maintenance of gas lines and appliances, along with gas safety inspections.
    • Gas fitting services are a critical aspect of plumbing work, especially for businesses like Plumbaround in Brisbane, where safety and efficiency are paramount. Gas fitters specialize in the installation, repair, and maintenance of gas lines and appliances, ensuring that homes and businesses can use gas safely and effectively.
    • Installation work by gas fitters involves laying out and connecting gas pipes, installing gas meters and regulators, and ensuring that all connections are secure and leak-free. This process requires a deep understanding of local regulations and standards to ensure safety and compliance. Gas fitters also install a variety of gas appliances, including:
      • Gas stoves and ovens, which offer precise temperature control for cooking.
      • Gas heaters, providing efficient and cost-effective heating solutions.
      • Gas hot water systems, known for their quick heating times and lower operational costs.
      • Gas barbecues, offering convenience and enhanced flavor for outdoor cooking.
      • Gas fireplaces, which create a warm and inviting atmosphere with clean-burning fuel.
    • Beyond installation, gas fitters are responsible for the repair and maintenance of these appliances and the gas lines that supply them. Regular maintenance includes checking for leaks, ensuring venting systems are clear, and verifying that all components are functioning correctly. This preventive approach helps extend the lifespan of gas appliances and ensures they operate safely and efficiently.
    • For safety, it’s recommended that gas appliances and lines be inspected at least once a year. These inspections can identify potential issues before they become serious hazards, such as gas leaks or carbon monoxide buildup. Professional gas fitters use specialized equipment to detect leaks and test appliance functionality, ensuring that your gas systems are safe and in compliance with all regulatory requirements.
    • Utilizing the services of qualified gas fitters like those at Plumbaround in Brisbane is essential for the safe installation, operation, and maintenance of gas appliances and infrastructure. Their expertise not only ensures that gas systems are efficient and reliable but also safeguards homes and businesses against the risks associated with gas use.
  5. Emergency Plumbing Services: Offering 24/7 response to urgent plumbing issues like burst pipes, severe leaks, and gas leaks.
    • Emergency plumbing services are crucial interventions by plumbers and gas fitters designed to address urgent and potentially hazardous issues that can arise in both residential and commercial settings. These professionals are on call 24/7 to respond to emergencies that, if left unattended, could lead to significant property damage, health risks, or even life-threatening situations. Key emergency services include fixing burst pipes, leaks, and gas leaks.
    • Burst pipes, often caused by freezing temperatures, tree roots or general wear and tear, require immediate attention to prevent water damage. Plumbers swiftly locate the source of the burst, shut off the water supply to minimize damage, and replace or repair the damaged section of the pipe. For leaks in plumbing fixtures or pipes, they apply quick fixes to stop water wastage and repair or replace the faulty components.
    • Gas leaks present a significant danger, leading to potential fires or explosions. Gas fitters quickly identify the leak source using specialized detection equipment, shut off the gas supply, and repair the leak to restore safety. Their rapid response and expertise are essential in mitigating risks associated with emergency plumbing and gas issues.
  6. Renovations: Plumbing services for home renovations or new builds, including bathroom, kitchen, and laundry renovations.
    • Plumbers play a pivotal role in the renovation and construction of homes, ensuring that plumbing systems are not only functional but also comply with current standards and regulations. In new builds, plumbers work closely with architects and builders from the ground up, designing and installing comprehensive plumbing systems that include water supply, waste disposal, and gas fittings. This foundational work is crucial for the overall functionality of the home, impacting everything from the kitchen to the bathrooms and laundry areas.
    • For renovations in older homes, plumbers assess the existing plumbing infrastructure to identify any necessary upgrades or repairs. In bathrooms, they install or update fixtures such as showers, bathtubs, sinks, and toilets, often incorporating modern water-saving technologies. Kitchens may require the installation of new sinks, dishwashers, and gas appliances, requiring plumbers to modify existing plumbing to accommodate new layouts or appliances. In laundry rooms, plumbers ensure that washing machines and dryers are properly connected to water and waste systems.
    • Whether working on new builds or renovating older homes, plumbers ensure that all plumbing work is up to code, functioning efficiently, and meets the homeowners’ needs. Their expertise is crucial in transforming spaces through the installation of reliable and efficient plumbing systems, enhancing the comfort, utility, and value of the home.
  7. Commercial Plumbing: Specialized plumbing services for commercial properties, including preventive maintenance, commercial hot water systems, and fit-outs.
    • Plumbaround, a reputable plumbing service based in Chermside, plays a pivotal role in the realm of commercial plumbing, catering to a wide array of businesses and facilities. Their expertise extends beyond mere repairs, encompassing comprehensive plumbing solutions tailored for commercial properties. This specialization is critical in ensuring that businesses operate smoothly without the disruptions caused by plumbing failures.
    • Commercial plumbing demands a higher level of complexity and robustness due to the extensive usage and regulatory requirements involved. Plumbaround addresses these needs through meticulous maintenance services designed to prevent common and costly issues. Regular maintenance is essential in commercial settings to avoid unexpected breakdowns that can lead to operational downtime and significant expense.
    • One of the standout services offered by Plumbaround is the installation and maintenance of commercial hot water systems. These systems are crucial for businesses like hotels and restaurants, where the demand for hot water is constant and voluminous. Plumbaround ensures these systems are not only installed correctly but are also operating efficiently and reliably, minimizing energy consumption and costs.
    • Additionally, commercial kitchen fit-outs represent a significant portion of Plumbaround’s offerings. This service is vital for food service establishments requiring specialized plumbing solutions to accommodate heavy-duty sinks, dishwashers, and waste disposal units. The company’s expertise ensures that kitchens are not only compliant with health and safety standards but are also designed for optimal functionality.
    • In essence, Plumbaround’s contribution to Chermside’s commercial sector is invaluable. Their ability to provide a comprehensive suite of services, from routine maintenance to complex installations, ensures that commercial properties can operate efficiently, safely, and in compliance with local regulations. This holistic approach to commercial plumbing underscores the importance of professional and reliable plumbing services in supporting the local business ecosystem.

Plumbing Jobs Done In Chermside Brisbane

Plumbaround is capable in fixing all your gas and plumbing requirements on your property. We do both residential as well as commercial properties in Chermside.

  • Abarth Street Chermside: Replaced hot water system
  • Brentwick Street Chermside: Fixed tap washer in kitchen sink for resident
  • Bruce Street Chermside: Unclogged blocked toiletfor tenant
  • Hamilton Road Chermside: Replaced rusted roof gutters for townhouse
  • Fee Street Chermside: Used jet rodder to remove tree roots in clogged drainage on property
  • Kidston Terrace Chermside: Replaced old taps in bathrooms of duplex
  • Farnell Street Chermside: Installed new shower in main bathroom of house
  • Nielsen Street Chermside: Replaced HWS for landlord
  • Pfingst Road Chermside: Located leak in bathroom. Replaced old galvanized pipes
  • Miller Street Chermside: Fixed and maintained blocked drains on property block
  • Newman Road Chermside: Checked poperty to be water compliant
  • Monserrat Street Chermside: Replaced broken cistern
  • Sammells Drive Chermside: Townhouse routine plumbing inspection for landlord
  • Nye Street Chermside: Gas leak identified and fixed
  • Pechey Street Chermside: Replaced old HWS with solar hot water system
  • Rameo Street Chermside: Serviced apartments on monthly inspection. Changed washers in leaking taps.
  • Kittyhawk Drive Chermside: Gave quote for fit-out in commercial properties
  • Reinhold Crescent Chermside: Conducted emergency plumbing services to tenant’ home on permission by property manager
  • Rode Road Chermside: Checked storm-water drains on commercial property
  • Yaralla Street Chermside: Checked rental property plumbing for property management
  • Way Street Chermside: annual check for repairing , replacing and servicing taps on property
  • Kinka Street Chermside: Check gas appliances on property – routine check
  • Ethyl Street Chermside: Cheked blocked downpipes on house

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A Bit About Chermside

Chermside, a vibrant suburb of Brisbane, is renowned for its dynamic mix of shopping, dining, healthcare, and education facilities, making it a bustling hub for residents and visitors alike. At its heart lies Westfield Chermside, one of the largest shopping centers in Australia, offering an extensive range of retail stores, cinemas, and eateries. The suburb is also known for its accessibility to high-quality healthcare services, including the Prince Charles Hospital. With several schools within its vicinity, Chermside is a family-friendly area. Additionally, its diverse dining scene caters to all tastes. Located approximately 9 kilometers north of Brisbane’s CBD, Chermside is well-connected by public transport, making it easy to access the city’s array of cultural and entertainment options. This combination of convenience, amenities, and proximity to the city center makes Chermside a desirable place to live and visit.