Plumbing challenges during the rainy season

Australia’s rainy season is upon us, bringing a few plumbing challenges. In this blog, we’ll explore key issues, offer solutions, delve into average repair costs, and provide essential tips for a hassle-free rainy season.

  • Blocked Drains: With heavy rain, drains can quickly clog with leaves and debris. Keep an eye on slow drainage, and routinely clear outdoor drains. This simple practice can prevent blockages and ensure smooth water flow during downpours. If you notice overflowing drains, you could have a blockage and may need to get the cameras down there and hydrojet out any built-up debris.

  • Overflowing Gutters: Properly functioning gutters are crucial during heavy rains. Clear them of debris regularly to prevent water overflow that can damage your home’s foundation. Extend downspouts to direct water away from the foundation, and consider installing gutter guards to reduce debris buildup. If left unattended, the average cost for overflowing gutter repair is approximately $450. Investing in gutter maintenance not only protects your home but also saves you money in the long run.

  • Sewer Backups: Excessive rain can strain sewer systems, leading to backups. Listen for gurgling sounds in drains and address issues promptly. Regularly schedule professional inspections and consider preventive measures, such as sewer line cleaning. The average cost for sewer backup work ranges from $1000 to $5000, emphasising the importance of proactive maintenance. Understanding your home’s sewer system and acting swiftly can save you from significant disruptions and hefty repair bills.  
  • Leaky Roof Troubles: heavy winds can expose roof leaks, causing potential water damage. Regularly inspect your ceiling for water stains or drips during and after heavy rain. Maintain roof integrity by replacing damaged shingles promptly. The average cost for roof leak repairs varies but can be around $300 to $1500. Timely attention to roof issues not only preserves your home’s interior but also safeguards against more extensive and expensive repairs.

  • Sump Pump Concerns: A reliable sump pump is essential to prevent flooding during heavy rain. Test your pump before the rainy season, ensure proper drainage, and consider a battery backup for power outages. There are two main types of sump pumps: pedestal pumps (average cost $100 – $200) and submersible pumps (average cost $150 – $400). Understanding these costs can help you budget for potential replacements or repairs. Additionally, installing a sump pump alarm alerts you to any malfunctions, providing an extra layer of protection. Properly maintained sump pumps ensure your home stays dry and secure during the rainy season.

Hydrojet away any built-up debris!

As you gear up to face the challenges of the rainy season, remember that a proactive approach can save you from significant plumbing headaches. Regular maintenance, quick responses to issues, and understanding potential costs are key to keeping your home dry and secure. If you ever find yourself in need of professional assistance or want hassle-free solutions to your plumbing concerns, reach out to us at 07 3038 1038.

Are you ready for storm season?

Are you ready for storm season?

As we all know in South East Queensland, storm season is fast approaching and if you have ever wondered is there a plumber near me, the answer if YES, Plumbaround!  

We have recently attended a property in North Brisbane where the owner thought the sewerage from the drain was causing a wet patch in the grassed area of their property. 

Upon investigation we found it was a leaking tap that was undetected and was dripping into the down pipes and leaking below the ground into the stormwater line. 

We serviced the tap, cleaned the line, camera’d the line & located the issue. 

The Result …

The stormwater pipe is repaired and is now flowing freely.  The owners will now be ready for storm season & free of a flooding emergency when the rain hits this year.

If you are currently experiencing or previously had overflowing stormwater or sewerage pipe work and flooding on the property and you want to avoid an emergency,

book an inspection with the Plumbaround team today.

Call the team on 07 3038 1038 or email info@plumbaround.com.au

Hydro Jet Rodder drain clearance in Northside Brisbane

Hydro Jet Rodder drain clearance in Northside Brisbane

Jetter The Gap

With the Hydro Jet Rodder on board, Plumbaround can clear even the toughest blocked drains.  Whilst the electric eel is a great machine to clear lines, the Jet Rodder blasts all sorts of debris free from blocked sewer and stormwater lines.

Hydro Jetting cleans drains once cleared of a blockage with a high pressure water jet at up to 35,000kpa. The jet rodder achieves this by feeding a self propelled hose with a specifically designed nozzle up the drain.

There are many places an electric eel cannot go where a jetter hose travels with ease and does the job more effectively and efficiently. We have a variety of nozzles for use and with the ability to pull through toilet pans and tight PVC gully traps.

Hydro-jetting will clear storm water lines blocked by silt, sludge and sediment build up.  The hydro-jet method penetrates the dirt and flushes the drain in one action, leaving the drain clean and free flowing.

Call the Plumbaround team today on 3038-1038 to enquire about the Hydro Jet Rodder.



At Plumbaround we are committed to ensuring a COVID-19 Safe workplace for our staff & a COVID-19 Safe service for our clients. We have implemented a COVID-19 Safe plan to manage the spread of COVID-19. Queensland’s Roadmap to Easing Restrictions outlines how businesses can operate and at which stage. We have undertaken planning to ensure we keep our business, our staff and our customers safe. We have our Work Health and Safety Plan in place, and keep up to date with strategies to on how to manage COVID-19 in this ever-changing time.

Our staff have undertaken Infection Control Training and COVID-19 Safe training in order for Plumbaround to continue to provide a safe Plumbing & Gas fitting service to our clients. Rest assure we are well equipped with up to date policies and directives from the the World Health Organisation; Queensland Health & the Australian Government.

Our staff and client health & safety is our upmost priority at all times. Remember to regularly wash your hands; use hand sanitiser where possible & practice 1.5m social distancing at all times.

Exciting new office space in Chermside West

Exciting new office space in Chermside West

What a great morning for World Tradesman Day last Friday. A hot cooked brekkie at our office on Ainsdale Street, Chermside West. We even had a few locals lining up for a sausage (with onions on the top not the bottom!)

Thank you to the wonderful locals for welcoming us into the local community. It has been an easy transition with lovely people, good vibes & great coffee next door at Silky Oak Espresso.

Please pop your head in and say ‘hi’ next time you are in the area.

Blocked Drain in Albany Creek

Blocked Drain in Albany Creek

A blocked drain can be from a few different reasons, such as a squashed pipe or tree roots.  Tree roots are a major cause of drain blockages and must be rectified as the problem will only worsen with time.  If a tree root penetrates a pipe, it is highly likely that it will still grow in the pipe.  The tree root system grows to where food and water are located.  If you have a crack in a pipe, it is very likely a tree root will enters the drainage line.  A tree root can still penetrate and break a pipe even if there is no crack to begin with.

Warwick had fun recently clearing a gurgling shower drain line.  Tree roots can penetrate any drain if given the chance and the results are terrible.  This shower drain was completely full of tree roots and the line has now been repaired to ensure this doesn’t continue to happen.  The owner simply heard a constant gurgling in from the shower drain but over time it became worse.  Little did they know it was actually this bad!  The repair was only a small section of pipework but some instances see an entire drainage line being repaired.

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You can view the drain clearance here Shower drain clearance

Please contact our office for any further information on a possible blocked drain.  We have all the equipment to ensure your drains are  flowing freely and are in good repair.