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by | Oct 28, 2021

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PlumbAround is your local Plumber in Albany Creek, Brisbane. We do operate a 24 hour service and service both commercial and residential properties and home in an around Albany Creek in Brisbane.

Our licensed plumbers are COVID safe and work with the protective gear that allows our customers to feel safe while our trades people work on the site.

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Here is a list of all the services we can help you with:

Plumbing Services Offered in Albany Creek

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The best plumbers will be

  • reliable,
  • have good customer service and
  • be available for you in emergency situations, in addition to planned maintenance.

By choosing the best commercial plumbers, you are ensuring that they will make all repairs correctly the first time and deliver results you can rely on.

Licensed and Insured

– Firstly, confirm that your plumber is licensed and insured (especially within your state).

– This protects your properties from potential damage and legal consequences.


– Ensure that the commercial plumber has experience which ideally should include working on the type of building(s) that you manage.

– Plus, working with facilities managers, real estate agents or body corporate managers (or others in similar roles).

– Experience allows for more efficient and better-quality work.

Old or new plumbing systems?

– Has the plumber experience with both old and new plumbing systems?

– This is particularly important for buildings with older systems.

– Have they got the tools and skills needed to work on it?


– Experience and qualifications aren’t don’t always go hand-in-hand, however sometimes you can find one without the other.

– Confirm that your chosen plumber is qualified to work on all of the systems they will maintain.

– Ensure they have passed any necessary tests and training to receive the relevant certification.


– Pay attention to whether your chosen plumbing company offers a warranty of some sort.

– Many will offer guarantees on their services for a set amount of time.

Services Offered

– Ideally, it’s best to use a single commercial plumbing provider that offers all of the services you need.

– You do not want to have to work with several companies, and by working with just a single company, you save yourself time and hassle.

– You may also get financial savings this way.

Communication and Customer Service

– The best commercial plumbers will be available 24/7 for emergencies and be at least professional, if not friendly, on the phone.

Recommendations and References

– It’s important to pay attention to reviews from others especially for those who’ve used the plumber for similar services to your business.


– Pay attention to the plumber’s overall reputation.

– Look for online reviews even if you already have a glowing recommendation.

– You want to find consistency in the reviews.

– An occasional issue is not a concern, as long as the plumber quickly resolves it.

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Plumbing Jobs Done In Albany Creek Brisbane

Plumbing jobs done in Albany Creek for residents and commercial clients:

  • Cedar Close Albany Creek: Repair down pipe on highset home
  • Chowchilla Street Albany Creek: Inspected stormwater works on property
  • Chillinor Drive Albany Creek: HWS replacement works solar
  • Country Club Drive Albany Creek: Installed mixer replacement in kitchen
  • Coolmunda Place Albany Creek: Fixed kitchen sink leak
  • Cressbroook Drive Albany Creek: Replaced broken tap in bathroom
  • Crescent Court Albany Creek: Fixed tap leaking in laundry
  • Du Kamp Street Albany Creek: Installed new plumbing in renovated kitchen
  • Dove Court Albany Creek: Unclog drain
  • Earl Street Albany Creek: Repaired dishwasher in kitchen
  • Essex Drive Albany Creek: Attending emergency plumbing leaks on rental property over weekend
  • Biggs Court Albany Creek: Acreage property fixed multiple issues from replacing sinks, and installing new pumps, fixed faulty drainage, replacing filters.
  • Colarado Crescent Albany Creek: leaking pipe repairs
  • Bernays Close Albany Creek: Detailed plumbing drainage report done for property
  • Ganton Place Albany Creek: Inspected storm water damage to property in Feb 2022 and completed repairs with quality material
  • Inverness Court Albany Creek: Fixed blocked sink for a new tenant townhouse property
  • Jinker Track Albany Creek: Duplex building downpipes clogged. Cleared out debris in gutters and downpipes for landlord
  • Harpulia Place Albany Creek: Fast professional service doen for residential property for elderly couple
  • James Cash Court Albany Creek: Pulled out old toilet and replaced with new toilet and fixed tile work and floor to look brand new again
  • Explorer Drive Albany Creek: Install outside pump and downpipes for water tank. Helped client to lower their water consumption bills.

Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions

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What Services Does Plumbaround Do In Albany Creek?

Plumbaround Pty Ltd, based in Albany Creek, Brisbane, is a versatile plumbing company that caters to a wide range of plumbing needs for its clients. Their services encompass everything from basic maintenance and repairs to more specialized and complex plumbing solutions. Here’s an overview of the various types of plumbing services that Plumbaround Pty Ltd offers:

  1. General Plumbing Maintenance and Repairs: This includes fixing leaks, replacing taps, repairing toilets, and addressing any other general plumbing issues. Regular maintenance checks to prevent future problems are also part of their offerings.

    • General plumbing and maintenance repairs are essential services provided by skilled professionals to ensure the smooth functioning of household and commercial plumbing systems. A qualified plumber and gas fitter is adept at handling a wide range of tasks to keep your water and gas systems in optimal condition. These tasks include fixing leaky faucets, repairing or replacing damaged pipes, unclogging drains, and ensuring that toilets flush correctly. Beyond these basic repairs, plumbers also install and maintain water heaters, including gas, electric, and solar-powered systems, ensuring they operate efficiently and safely.
    • For gas systems, a certified gas fitter is equipped to install new gas lines, repair leaks, and service gas appliances like stoves, ovens, and gas heating systems. This includes conducting safety checks to prevent gas leaks, which can pose serious health and safety risks. Maintenance work also involves regular inspections and testing of both plumbing and gas systems to identify and rectify potential issues before they escalate into major problems. This proactive approach not only ensures the longevity of the systems but also helps in conserving water and energy, contributing to a safer and more sustainable environment. Overall, general plumbing and maintenance repairs by a competent plumber and gas fitter are crucial for the reliability and safety of your home’s essential systems.
  2. Blocked Drains and Sewer Services: Plumbaround is equipped to handle blocked drains, offering services such as drain cleaning, sewer repair, and CCTV drain inspections to identify underlying issues.

    • Blocked drains and sewer issues can cause significant inconvenience and, if not addressed promptly, can lead to more severe problems such as water damage or health hazards. Plumbaround Pty Ltd specializes in providing comprehensive blocked drain and sewer services to address and prevent these issues effectively. Their expert team is equipped with the latest technology, including high-pressure water jetters for drain cleaning, which effectively removes blockages, debris, and buildup from pipes without damaging the plumbing system.
    • For more complex problems, Plumbaround utilizes CCTV drain inspections, a non-invasive method that allows plumbers to visually inspect the interior of sewer lines and drains using a camera. This advanced diagnostic tool helps in accurately identifying the cause of blockages or damage, such as tree root intrusion, pipe collapses, or build-ups, enabling targeted repairs or cleaning. Additionally, their sewer repair services include fixing or replacing damaged sections of the sewer line, ensuring a fully functional and efficient waste disposal system for their clients.
  3. Hot Water System Installation and Repairs: Whether it’s gas, electric, or solar, they provide installation, repair, and maintenance services for all types of hot water systems.

    • Hot water system installation and repairs are critical services that ensure your home or business has consistent and efficient access to hot water, an essential daily need. Professional plumbers are well-versed in handling a variety of hot water systems, including gas, electric, and solar-powered units, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to each type’s unique requirements.
    • For gas hot water systems, plumbers not only install and connect the unit to the property’s gas supply but also ensure that all safety standards are met to prevent leaks and other hazards. They are skilled in troubleshooting common issues such as pilot light failures and inadequate heating.
    • Electric hot water systems, on the other hand, require a different set of skills, focusing on electrical connections and components. Plumbers adept in electric hot water repairs can efficiently diagnose and fix issues related to heating elements, thermostats, and circuit breakers, ensuring the system operates at peak efficiency.
    • Solar hot water systems demand expertise in both plumbing and solar technology. Installation involves setting up solar collector panels and connecting them to the hot water storage tank. Maintenance and repairs may include addressing issues with solar panels, circulation pumps, and temperature control systems.
    • Regular maintenance of all types of hot water systems is crucial to extend their lifespan, prevent sudden breakdowns, and ensure they operate economically and environmentally efficiently. Plumbers conduct inspections and servicing, including cleaning and replacing parts as necessary, to keep your hot water system in top condition.
  4. Gas Fitting: Certified to work with gas lines, they offer gas fitting services including installation, repair, and maintenance of gas appliances, gas leak detection, and gas line modifications.

    • Gas fitting is a specialized service that requires a high level of expertise and certification due to the potential hazards associated with gas. Plumbers who are certified to work with gas lines are equipped to handle a broad spectrum of tasks essential for the safe and efficient operation of gas systems in both residential and commercial settings. These services encompass the installation of new gas lines, providing a secure connection to gas-powered appliances such as stoves, ovens, water heaters, and heating systems. The precision in installation ensures that appliances function optimally and adhere to safety standards.
    • Repair and maintenance form a crucial part of gas fitting services. Over time, gas appliances and lines may require repairs due to wear and tear or technical issues. Certified gas fitters conduct thorough inspections and perform necessary repairs to rectify faults, ensuring that the gas supply is consistent and safe. Regular maintenance checks are also vital to preemptively identify potential problems and prevent gas leaks, which could lead to dangerous situations.
    • Gas leak detection is another critical service offered by certified gas fitters. Using advanced technology and techniques, they can quickly identify and address leaks, minimizing the risk of fire or health hazards. Moreover, gas line modifications are performed to accommodate renovations or the installation of additional appliances, requiring expert knowledge to ensure that the gas supply is adapted safely and efficiently. Overall, certified gas fitting services are indispensable for the safety, functionality, and efficiency of gas systems in any property.
  5. Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations: Plumbaround can assist with plumbing aspects of bathroom and kitchen renovations, from the initial planning stages to the installation of new fixtures and appliances.

    • When undertaking bathroom and kitchen renovations, incorporating professional gas fitting services is essential for both functionality and safety. Plumbaround specializes in seamlessly integrating these services into your renovation projects. From the initial planning stages, their expert team collaborates with homeowners to design and implement efficient and safe gas systems tailored to the specific needs of the new space.
    • For kitchens, this could involve the installation of gas cooktops, ovens, and range hoods, ensuring that each appliance is connected safely and meets all regulatory standards. In bathrooms, gas fitting might include the installation of gas hot water systems, providing reliable and efficient hot water supply. Plumbaround’s expertise also extends to the installation of gas heating solutions, enhancing comfort in these spaces.
    • Their comprehensive service covers every aspect of gas fitting, including the extension or modification of existing gas lines to accommodate new layouts or appliances. The team conducts rigorous safety checks and testing on all installations to ensure they are leak-free and comply with the latest safety regulations.
    • By integrating plumbing and gas fitting services, Plumbaround ensures that your bathroom and kitchen renovations not only look great but are also functional, safe, and up to code. Their commitment to quality and safety in gas fitting services makes them a trusted partner in transforming your kitchen and bathroom spaces.
  6. Emergency Plumbing Services: Recognizing that plumbing emergencies can occur at any time, they provide 24/7 emergency services to address urgent issues like burst pipes, severe leaks, or gas leaks.

    • Emergency plumbing services are a critical aspect of plumbing operations, designed to provide immediate assistance during unexpected crises. Recognizing the unpredictable nature of plumbing emergencies, some plumbing companies offer dedicated 24/7 emergency services. These services are tailored to respond swiftly to urgent situations that require immediate attention to prevent extensive damage to property or to avert potential health and safety hazards.
    • Plumbing emergencies can range from burst pipes, which can flood homes and cause significant water damage, to severe leaks that can compromise the structural integrity of a building. Another alarming issue is gas leaks, which pose serious risks of fire or explosions and require immediate action to ensure the safety of occupants. In such emergencies, time is of the essence. Professional emergency plumbers are equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to quickly identify the source of the problem and implement effective solutions to mitigate damage and restore the system to normal functioning.
    • Emergency plumbing services are not just about fixing the immediate problem; they also involve conducting a thorough inspection to prevent future emergencies. This proactive approach ensures that your plumbing and gas systems are safe and reliable, providing peace of mind to homeowners and business operators alike.
  7. Water Efficiency Audits: To help clients save on water bills and conserve water, they offer audits that identify inefficiencies and recommend solutions for more sustainable water use.

    • Water Efficiency Audits are a specialized service designed to help clients significantly reduce their water consumption, leading to lower utility bills and a more environmentally friendly household or business operation. During these audits, experienced professionals meticulously examine the client’s entire water system, including faucets, pipes, toilets, showers, and irrigation systems, to identify any inefficiencies or leaks that may be causing excess water use.
    • The audit process involves a thorough assessment of water flow rates, the inspection of fixtures for leaks, and the evaluation of current water-using appliances and systems for efficiency. Advanced tools and technologies, such as digital flow meters and infrared cameras, may be used to detect hidden leaks and weaknesses in the system that are not immediately apparent.
    • Following the assessment, clients are provided with a detailed report outlining the findings. This report includes specific recommendations for improving water efficiency, such as repairing leaky fixtures, installing low-flow taps and showerheads, upgrading to water-efficient appliances, and making changes to landscaping irrigation practices. The auditor may also suggest behavioral changes that can further reduce water usage.
    • Implementing the recommendations from a Water Efficiency Audit can lead to significant water savings, reducing the environmental impact of the client’s water use and saving them money on their water bills over time. This service not only benefits the client financially but also contributes to the broader goal of water conservation and sustainability.
  8. Backflow Prevention and Testing: They are equipped to install, test, and maintain backflow prevention devices, ensuring that drinking water remains uncontaminated by preventing the reverse flow of water from potential sources of contamination.

    • Backflow prevention and testing are critical services offered by plumbing professionals to safeguard public health by ensuring that drinking water supplies remain free from contamination. Backflow occurs when there’s a reversal in the flow of water, which can introduce hazardous substances from industrial fluids, pesticides, or even waste water back into the clean water supply. This reverse flow can be caused by changes in pressure within the plumbing system, such as a sudden drop in water pressure due to a burst water main or heavy water usage.
    • Plumbaround Pty Ltd is proficient in handling all aspects of backflow prevention, including the installation of specialized backflow prevention devices designed to automatically prevent contaminated water from flowing backwards into the clean water supply. These devices are essential in both residential and commercial properties, especially in systems where there’s a direct connection between the public water supply and a potential source of contamination.
    • Furthermore, regular testing and maintenance of these devices are mandatory to ensure they function correctly at all times. Plumbaround’s team of experts is equipped to conduct thorough inspections and testing of backflow prevention devices, complying with local regulations and standards. This service not only ensures the device’s operational integrity but also certifies that the property remains compliant with health and safety requirements, protecting the community’s water quality and public health.
  9. Roofing and Guttering: This includes installation, repair, and maintenance of roofing and guttering systems, ensuring they are free from leaks and blockages.

    • Roofing and guttering services play a critical role in protecting homes and buildings from water damage by ensuring that roofs are secure and gutters are clear and functional. The installation aspect of these services involves selecting the appropriate roofing materials that suit the building’s architectural style and the local climate, ensuring long-term durability and protection. Skilled professionals carefully install these materials to create a watertight barrier against the elements, preventing water ingress that can lead to structural damage.
    • Repair services are equally important, addressing issues such as cracked or missing shingles, damaged flashing, and leaks. Prompt repairs prevent minor problems from escalating into major concerns, preserving the integrity of the roofing system. Maintenance is another crucial component, involving regular inspections and cleaning of both the roof and gutters. This preventative approach identifies potential issues early on, such as blockages in gutters caused by leaves, debris, or nests, which can lead to water overflow and damage the building’s foundation or landscaping.
    • Moreover, well-maintained guttering systems efficiently channel water away from the building, minimizing erosion and protecting the foundation. By ensuring that roofing and guttering systems are free from leaks and blockages, these services safeguard the property, enhancing its longevity and ensuring the safety and comfort of its occupants.
  10. Commercial Plumbing Services: Apart from residential services, Plumbaround also caters to commercial clients, offering tailored plumbing solutions for businesses, schools, and other organizations.

    • Plumbaround Pty Ltd extends its expert plumbing services beyond residential settings to cater to the unique needs of commercial clients. This specialized branch of their offerings is dedicated to providing bespoke plumbing solutions designed to meet the demands of businesses, educational institutions, and various organizations. Understanding that commercial plumbing systems are often more complex than those in homes, Plumbaround employs a team of skilled professionals capable of tackling large-scale plumbing projects with precision and efficiency.
    • For businesses, whether it’s a retail store, office building, or restaurant, Plumbaround offers a comprehensive range of services including the installation of commercial-grade fixtures, pipe repair and replacement, and the maintenance of sewage and drainage systems. They are adept at ensuring that these establishments comply with the stringent health codes and regulations that govern commercial spaces.
    • Schools and educational institutions benefit from their expertise in managing high-usage water systems, ensuring that drinking water is safe and sanitation facilities are in excellent condition. Plumbaround also provides emergency plumbing services to address unexpected issues, minimizing downtime and ensuring that operations can continue without significant disruption.
    • Moreover, Plumbaround’s commercial plumbing services include the installation and maintenance of specialized equipment, backflow prevention testing, and conducting water efficiency audits. Their proactive approach helps commercial clients save on water and energy costs, contributing to more sustainable and eco-friendly operations. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Plumbaround Pty Ltd is a trusted partner for commercial entities seeking reliable and efficient plumbing solutions.

By offering such a comprehensive range of services, Plumbaround Pty Ltd aims to be a one-stop-shop for all plumbing needs in Albany Creek and the wider Brisbane area, ensuring high-quality workmanship and customer satisfaction across all their projects.

More About Albany Creek!

Albany creek is approximately 18.8 km from the city of Brisbane. It is positioned close to the South Pine River and is west of Bridgeman Downs, East of Eatons Hill and close to Arana Hills and Brendale.

Suburbs close to Albany Creek are: Warner, Stafford Heights, Everton Hills, Aspley, Bridgeman Downs, Eatons Hill.

Albany Creek
Place ID: ChIJ7ZvWV539k2sR8H3e81qjAgU
Albany Creek QLD 4035, Australia

Areas of interest around Albany Creek are:
Bunya Crossing Reserve
Place ID: ChIJl2bva4z9k2sRR3-YtmsZa68
88 Dugandan Rd, Bunya QLD 4055, Australia

Eatons Hill Skate Park
Place ID: ChIJ-RpMcpL9k2sRLvUrgSP-XsQ
41/49-51 Bunya Crossing Rd, Eatons Hill QLD 4037, Australia

Pinnaroo Cemetery and Crematorium
Place ID: ChIJrfopnT_9k2sREKIg11ujAg8
285 Graham Rd, Bridgeman Downs QLD 4035, Australia.

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