Sometimes a small plumbing problem can be solved with a simple tool and a little hard work

1. Plungers (one in the kitchen and bathroom is a good idea)

• Cup Plunger – most common type of plunger and is best for cleaning clogged bathroom and kitchen sinks.
• Toilet Plunger – with soft rubber flaps that fold out of the rubber cup, this is best plunger for some drains and toilets.
• Accordian Plunger – a powerful but not as versatile plunger, this is the best option for unclogging toilets

2. Wrenchs

• Basin Wrench – ideal for bathroom and kitchen sinks
• Pipe Wrench – larger and more powerful so great tool to have for any leaky pipes
• Adjustable Wrench – essential for all sizes of nuts and bolts and is very versatile in small places

3. Needle Nose Pliers (perfect for tightening a screw or removing a hairball in a drain)

4. Duct tape (always good to keep a few rolls of duct tape in case of plumbing emergencies)

5. Gloves (thicker cleaning gloves work best)

And the most important tool? Our number at Plumbaround on speed dial – 07 3038 1038